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Ten Best Ted Talks

This is a curated collection of some the TED Talks that either had an strong impact on me, or challenged my thinking.

1: 'How great leaders inspire action' - Simon Sinek

This Talk had a profound impact on the way that I present this work, from the little things to even this portfolio of mine. Simon explains how great companies and great leaders don't sell the what or the how, they sell the why. The underlying processes, and emotions, and the problems that they have solved and attempted to solve.

2: 'Do schools kill creativity?' - Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson makes the ever-so-true point that the current education system strives to kill and undermine creativity. The Education System has become very much aligned toward 'learning off' what others have said, without thinking and without challenging. Which is a terrible excuse for an education 'system'. Ken goes on to make a profoundly moving case for a education system that nurtures Creativity.

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